Panasonic Programmable Controllers FP0H Series




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Panasonic  Programmable Controllers

FP0H Series
Panasonic FP-0H可程式控制器
Panasonic FP-0H可程式控制器
  • FTP server function
  • FTP client function
  • High-speed operation processing (8 x faster than conventional models)
  • High capacity Max. 64 k steps (2 x larger than conventional models)
  • Data capacity: 12 k / 24 k / 32 k / 64 k Step variable
  • Up to 384 I/O points FP0H / FPΣ / FP0R units can be added.
  • Can select required functions to control various devices!
  • EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP and MC protocol compatibility
  • Easy connection with all kinds of robots and PLCs
  • Cassette system reduces unit cost and installation space
  • An SD memory card slot and a logging trace function are provided.
  • A project copy function can copy ladder data without a PC.
  • Variable data capacity handles capacity shortage.
  • Program capacity: Max. 64 k steps
  • The control unit controls four axes with pulse output (up to 100 kHz per axis). 
  • You can achieve position control easily only by starting a positioning action pattern configured with a dedicated setting tool.
  • The positioning unit (fast start-up in 5 μs) can support ultra-fast linear servos.
  • The supported positioning unit RTEX can control Panasonic motors.
  • Ultra-compact size inherited from FPΣ
  • Ladder programs for FPΣ can be converted for FP0H.