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Photonic Technology
Aurotek's Photonic Technology BU started in 2008, originally under the FA & Equipment BU. After two years of development and preparation, it was formally separated into its own division in 2010. The division has an extensive patent portfolio, plenty of equipment and resources, and industry-leading manufacturing technologies that enable it to produce high-quality LED patterned sapphire substrates (PSS) with related manufacturing equipment.

As a pioneer in Taiwanese PSS industry, Aurotek had finished the developments of both Micro/Nano-sphere Self-Assembly Techonology (MNSA) and Nano-imprint Lithography Technology (NIL), which could successfully be applied to pattern the micro/nano-structures on large area substrates. Sapphire substrate with specific micro/nano-structure made by the MNSA, NIL and etching methods is what we call Mirco/Nano-Patterned Sapphire Substrate (MPSS and NPSS). PSS is a good carrier for epitaxial growth of high quality gallium nitride (GaN), effectively improves LED light extraction efficiency, and enhances LED electrical properties, which is one of the raw materials widely used by LED industry.
In addition to PSS, the structures patterning technologies developed by Aurotek can be also applied in other industries such as High Density Optical Storage Media, Photonic Crystal, Photo Waveguide Element, Sub-Wavelength Optical Element (SOE), Fiber-Optic Communication System, Micro/Nano Channel and Biosensor. Besides, in comparison to the bottleneck in traditional lithography, NIL is one of the alternative and effective techniques to pattern some optical structures on the non-planer substrates such as Concentrated Solar Power Device (CSP), Micro-lens Arrays for Bionic Compound Eye, Optical Lens and Astronomical Optic devices.

In 2011, Aurotek launched their PSS automatic inspection equipment, which featured high-speed testing, to provide customers with a more accurate, comprehensive, and cost-effective quality control program for PSS. PSS is difficult to detect defects in the microstructure making it difficult to test for problems in quality. Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment can replace manual operations, improve production quality, reduce loss, and significantly reduce manufacturing costs. In addition to producing MPSS, NPSS, and PSS inspection equipment, Aurotek provides a complete PSS manufacturing solution for the global LED industry.