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The FA & Equipment BU provides SMT processing equipment, semiconductor processing equipment, optical communication products, UV plastic packaging, welding process equipment, and a complete set of customized services, from development, to design, to manufacturing, in response to customer demand.

In the field of automation, Aurotek has complete and precise technologies, applications in automation equipment, and high performance equipment, which are developed for high reliability. And has received the "Taiwan Symbol of Excellence", "National Quality Award", "National Award of Excellence" and a number of other awards.
Introduction to Optical Communication
Optical communication transceiver modules are used in most front-end core process equipment. Optical communication components will affect the accuracy of the communication distance and quality within an accuracy level of up to 0.5um.

Capping machines adjust the light emitting chip's focus to find the best position for a TO-CAN. Laser welding machine can help TO-CAN finds the best position for fiber optical alignment and laser welding for TOSA / ROSA / BOSA. Finally, these products are for the downstream processes of optical communication modules, such as corporate communications switches.
AF-inside Robotic System
AF-inside Robotic System
The robotics service team provides professional electromechanical integrated design and perfect after-sales service with professional skills and rich experience, using high-quality robotic arms and key components, and matching the best quality Panasonicn servo motor products. In the face of the trend of industrial automation and intelligentization, we adhere to the concept of continuous improvement and innovation, continue to strengthen professional and team capabilities, and integrate robotic arms into many industries with more professional design, such as food, beverage, packaging, steel. , chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics and entertainment industries, with any industry that needs automation systems or robotics integration. To provide customers with more diverse service projects.
DENSO Robotic Arm + Screw Machine
DENSO Robotic Arm + Screw Machine
DENSO Robotic Arm is equipped with a locking screw machine to perform different locking actions for different products. DENSO has more than 25,000 robotic arms in its global factories, with five advantages of streamlining, lightweight, high speed, high precision and high durability. Its DENSO robot product line includes 4 and 6 axes, arm lengths from 430mm to 1298mm, and loadable weights from 2Kgs to 20Kgs. It also offers clean room grades and IP67 grades. In addition to the production and use of auto parts factories in all supply groups; other industries include: electronics, semiconductors, metal processing, tool machinery, chemicals, plastics manufacturing, etc., can see the market share of DENSO robot arm.
Automatic Alignment and VF-Welding Active Capping Machine CMA-A100/CMP-A100
Automatic Alignment and VF-Welding Active Capping Machine CMA-A100/CMP-A100
● Stable Capping with VF (Variable Frequency) electric welding and forced contact
● Improved productivity and accuracy by Tray-in & out
● Guaranteed quality by fast, accurate and patent alignment
Automatic Alignment and Laser Welding Machine
Automatic Alignment and Laser Welding Machine
● Fast and automatic alignment with laser welding for OSA module
● Automatic joint-face alignment improves yield rate
● Using Nd:YAG Laser for higher stability of assembly
● Applicable for TOSA/ROSA/Pigtail/Butterfly optical communication module
● Automatic welding-spot positioning with compensation of rotation
Customized production line equipment
Customized DRAM special equipment (burning, detecting, closing)