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DENSO Robotic

VP-5243 / 6242
DENSO 機器手臂 VP-6242
DENSO 機器手臂 VP-6242
Technical Drawings

The VP-5243 and the VP-6242 are ideal for use in confined areas. 

Maximum arm reach|430 / 432mm
Maximum payload|2.5 / 3kg
Cycle time|0.99sec

  • Lineup offers 5-axis and 6-axis models.
    To meet a wide variety of needs, the 5-axis model "VP-5243" and the 6-axis model "VP-6242," which can handle multi-directional operations, are offered.
  • Maximum payload of 3kg (for 5-axis model)*1 and 2.5kg (for 6-axis model)*2
    The VP-5243 and the VP-6242 are very powerful for their small size.
  • Lightweight
    The body unit weight is just 13kg (for 5-axis model). These small and lightweight robots can be carried and installed easily, flexibly responding to changes in plant layout.
  • Compact design
    The footprint is only 160 x 160mm. The entire body fits into an area of two standard postcards, helping size reduction of facilities.
  • Low-power servo motor adopted in each axis
    An AC servo motor with up to 80W is adopted in each axis. The total motor capacity is up to 300W, contributing to energy saving.
  • Standard equipment includes: air piping for tools (4 lines) and electric wiring (9 core wires).
  • Can be placed on the floor or suspended from the ceiling.
    *1: When the wrist is oriented at more than ±45 degrees with respect to the downward vertical direction, the maximum payload is 2.5kg (for 5-axis model). 
    *2: When the wrist is oriented at more than ±45 degrees with respect to the downward vertical direction, the maximum payload is 2.0kg (for 6-axis model). 
Position detection
Absolute encoder
Drive motor
AC servomotors for all joints
Brakes for all joints
Overall arm length(first arm + second arm)
1: 210 mm
2: 210 mm
Axis combination
J1 Axis + J2 Axis + J3 Axis + J4 Axis + J5 Axis + J6 Axis
Arm offset
J3 (front arm): 75 mm
Maximum motion area(Point P)
432 mm
Motion range
J1: ±160°
J2: ±120°
J3: +160°, +19°
J4: ±160°
J5: ±120°
J6: ±360°
Maximum payload
3(Wrist downward movement is within ±45°)(*3)
2.5(Wrist downward movement is within ±45°)(*4)
If wrist downward movement exceeds ±45°, the maximum payload is 2 kg
Maximum composite speed(at the center of an end-effector mounting face)
3900 mm/sec
Cycle time(*1)
0.9 ≦ - < 1.0 sec
Time required for a robot to move a 1 kg payload between two points 300 mm apart at a height of 25 mm
Position repeatability(at the center of an end-effector mounting face)(*2)
±0.02 mm
Maximum allowable inertia moment (Inertia)
J4, J5: 0.03 kg
J6: 0.007 kg
User air piping
4 系統 (∅4 x 4)
Base hole size
135*135 (4-Ø10)
User signal line
9(for proximity sensor signals, etc.)
Air source Operating pressure
0.10 - 0.39 MPa
Air source Maximum allowable pressure
0.49 MPa
Airborne noise(A-weighted equivalent continuous sound pressure level)
80 dB 以下
15 kg
Technical Drawings
DENSO 機器手臂 VP-6242