OILES Air Bearings

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OILES Air Bearings

OILES Air Bearings
OILES Air Bearings OILES Air Bearings
OILES Air Bearings
OILES Air Bearings

High-Performance and Compact OAB (Oiles Air Bearings).
Featuring High Accuracy,High-Speed and Very Low Friction.
Air film is produced between the shaft and bearing to achieve non-contact movement.This yields various advantages.
The OAB is free from stick slip caused by solid friction and applicable to high-speed rotation and features high precision due to averaging effect of air. It is applicable to high temperature.

  • Originally developed porous material allows optimum compensation.Demonstrates high load performance and high bearing rigidity
  • The flow rate may be adjusted easily by material design.High-rigidity types,high-speed types and other various types may be made according to  applications.
  • Oil-less bearings are hard to seize even under the solid body contact condition,feature superior safety,and are easy to handle.
  • The OAB can reduce the fiow rate remarkably in comparison with inherent-orifice or orifice compensations,resulting in air source saving and running cost reduction.
  • The OAB is applicable to clean rooms.