NB Slide Way

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NB Slide Way

NB Slide Way

The NB slide way NV type comprises precisely ground rails and R-retainers with built-in STUDROLLERs and precision rollers.The rails have been optimally designed so that the STUDROLLERs move smoothly, and the STUDROLLERs and precision rollers incorporated in the R-retainers enable slip-free operation between the raceway surface and the rollers resulting in motion with minimal frictional resistance.

SV and SVW types consist of precision ground rails and precision caged-rollers. Since caged-rollers do not recirculate, there is only a minimum frictional resistance fluctuation. Also, there is a minimum difference between the static and dynamic frictional resistances.

The NB slide way is a non-recirculating linear motion bearing utilizing precision rollers. It is used primarily in optical and measurement equipment where high precision movement is required.

  • Because the frictional resistance is extremely small and there is only little difference between the static and dynamic frictional resistances, the NB slide way is well suited for minute motion, resulting in highly accurate linear movement.

  • Since the frictional resistance fluctuation is small even under low-load conditions, stable motion is obtained at from low to high speeds.

  • Compared to the ball elements, the rollers provide a larger contact area and less elastic deformation, thus the NB slide way has high rigidity and high load capacity. With new NV rail design, the roller contact area is increased by 30 to 58% (Figure G-2). The number of effective rollers is increased by narrowing the roller pitch. Thus, the NV type has the load rating that is 1.3 to 2.5 times that of the SV type.

  • The slide way never produces recirculation noise nor rollercontact noise due to a use of roller cage, resulting in quiet motion.

  • The anti-corrosion SVS/SVWS/NVS-RNS slide ways have all stainless steel components, making them ideal for use in clean room applications.