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Occupational Safety & CSR Photos

A Safety Working Place
CSR Photos
A Safety Working Place

Protect employee rights

(1) Employee welfare measures and implementation situation:

Establish a staff welfare committee to provide employees with annual gift money, birthday gifts, wedding and funeral celebrations, employee education bonuses and maternity benefits.
Group insurance, travel insurance.
Employees buy shares and subscribe for shares.
Various bonuses: performance bonus, year-end bonus, employee compensation.
Language repairs and other repairs.
Annual national/inside and outside tourism activities.
Regular health checkups.

(2) Retirement system and implementation situation

In accordance with the provisions of the Labor Standards Act, the Company has a retirement scheme for determining the payment, which applies to the service years of all regular employees before the implementation of the Labour Pensions Ordinance on July 1, 1994, and the implementation of the Labour Pensions. After the Regulations, the company continues to apply the follow-up service years of the employees of the Labor Standards Law. If the employee meets the retirement conditions, the payment of the pension is calculated based on the service years and the average salary of the six months prior to retirement. The service years within 15 years (inclusive) are given two bases per year, and the service years are more than 15 years. A base is given for one year, but the cumulative maximum is limited to 45 bases.

Since July 1, 1994, the Company has established a retirement scheme based on the "Labor Pensions Ordinance" that applies to employees of this nationality. The Company selects the part of the labor pension system stipulated in the "Labor Pensions Ordinance" for employees. The monthly pension is paid to the employee's personal account at no less than 6% of the salary. The employee's pension is paid according to the individual employee. The amount of the pension account and the accumulated income is collected by monthly pension or one pension.

The agreement between labor and management and the maintenance measures of various employees' rights and interests: Labor and management meetings are held from time to time to provide labor and capital communication and negotiation channels.

(3) Maintenance measures for various employee rights and interests

The company attaches great importance to the harmonious relationship between labor and management. It regularly holds regular monthly meetings, quarterly birthday meetings, and celebration dinners. It is hosted by senior directors such as the chairman or general manager. In addition to passing on management and business benefits, employees are given information. In addition to knowing, and inviting the heads of departments or senior staff to share the topic, and also publicly praise the award-winning colleagues through the monthly meeting to create a platform for the communication between the labor and capital.
In addition, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, the "Code of Practice" has been formulated and prepared in accordance with the law; the White Paper on Staff Welfare of the Staff Welfare Committee is announced annually, and the participation in SME Internet University digital learning, regular employee health check, and insurance group insurance are provided. Welfare measures do support measures such as employee benefits, education and training, safety and health, and occupational disaster compensation.

Health and safety management

(1) Work environment and employee personal safety protection measures

The company has long been committed to environmental protection and energy conservation and employee care. It is expected that while growing up, it will also be able to fulfill its social responsibilities and work hard in the direction of sustainable business. At the same time, it will comply with relevant domestic laws and regulations. The specific measures are as follows:

Promote "Occupational Safety and Health Training":
According to the Labor Safety and Health Law, the company provides pre-employment medical examination and labor safety and health education and training when new employees are appointed. In order to effectively prevent the occurrence of occupational diseases and occupational disasters, in addition to the provisions of the Labor Safety and Health Law, labor safety and hygiene work procedures are established, and environmental testing is conducted regularly. The slogan is produced inside the company for employees to read, so that employees can have a deeper understanding. The concept of safety and health.
Promote employee health:
Regular health checkups are carried out for working employees, and regular medical consultations and various health promotion activities are held.
Establish emergency response measures:
In order to avoid major operational impacts caused by emergencies, the relevant units have formulated “Emergency Response Plan”, “Emergency Response Rules”, “Disaster Response Notification Procedures and Responses”, and implemented daily emergency response formation and training.

Continuous monitoring and auditing:
Regarding the environmental safety operation of the plant area, in addition to the full-time special person responsible, and in accordance with the law to carry out environmental testing and personnel work environment measurement, and at the same time establish a complete audit procedures, in addition to routine routine inspections, high-risk operations inspections, inspections, etc. We do not regularly receive relevant audits from third-party verification units or customers at home and abroad to conduct regular reviews of various environmental safety issues, review operational conditions, set goals and directions, and implement continuous improvement and environmental safety performance.

(2) Agreement between labor and management and maintenance measures for various employee rights

Since its establishment, the company has adopted humanized self-management, giving its colleagues full respect and care, and constantly planning various employee benefits to pursue a perfect working environment. Therefore, the labor-management relationship is very harmonious and there is no dispute arising from labor disputes. The situation of loss. The relevant management plans of the company are summarized as follows:

Related Management Plans
CSR Photos
Social Care

Enterprises adopt social societies and are responsible for the socially disadvantaged enterprises. Through the planning and preparation of various activities, Hexun Technology responds to our gratitude to society by the power of cotton!

Breeding activities in the nursery school, Holding hands, Baking together, 2014/11/23
Holding hands, Baking together
Holding hands, Baking together
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Huaide Kite Marginal Parenting Multi-function office Machine Donation 2014/06/04
Huaide Kite Marginal Parenting Multi-function office Machine Donation
Huaide Kite Marginal Parenting Multi-function office Machine Donation
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National Cheng Kung University Green Buildin
National Cheng Kung University Green Buildin
National Cheng Kung University Green Buildin
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Environmental Protection

There is only one in the world. Hexie Technology pays attention to environmental protection issues. Apart from developing and producing a series of energy-saving products, it also actively participates in environmental protection activities and makes every effort to protect the earth!

International Clean Beach Action 2014/09/27
There is only one in the world. Aurotek pays attention to environmental protection issues. Apart from developing and producing a series of energy-saving products, it also actively participates in environmental protection activities and makes every effort to protect the earth!
International Clean Beach Action
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Talent Education

Good people are the root of national competitiveness. Hexun Technology has sponsored the IT Seed Program of the New Taipei Computer Association for 11 consecutive years, and participated in the course of “Information Seed Academy” to jointly build and aspire. Young students in the IT industry have a systematic learning platform that integrates theory and practice, allowing the seeds of information technology to grow and thrive in various industries.

IT Seed Development Program (IT Seed)
IT Seed Development Program (IT Seed)
IT Seed Development Program (IT Seed)
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Art Activities

Art and music edify temperament, make society full of auspiciousness, and harmonious technology supports various arts and cultural activities in action.

Cellist professor recital sponsor
Aurotek sponsored the cellist professor recital, which allowed the diverse instruments to match Professor Zhang Zhengjie's unique humorous guidance, subverting the public's impression of declining classical music and bringing the distance between classical music and the public.
Cellist professor recital sponsor