In a knowledge-based economy where information is readily available, global competition is more intense.

Therefore, we need to leverage information as a key asset for business innovation. This will be a critical part of remaining competitive as an enterprise in the 21st century.

Aurotek has established a communications technique that produces business value by creating digital videos and online broadcasts with its SNG Multimedia Platform that leverages the power of the internet.

Aurotek's SNG Multimedia Platform working in conjunction with information technologies forms the basis of the Chunxuan Learning Management Platform, an internal e-learning tool. For external audiences, Aurotek provides our Digital Knowledge Network, which provides information and e-learning services for customers.

SNG Multimedia Platform: A complete e-learning solution

SNG WebStudio
  • - Learning management platform.
  • - Course content management system.
  • - Program production system.
  • - Webcast courses (LIVE & VOD).
  • - Course participant testing.
  • - Digital audio and video special effects master.

SNG Multimedia Platform application examples:

SNG Multimedia Platform received “National Award of Excellence 2005” and “ROC Patent”

ROC Patent National Award of Excellence 2005