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The FA & Equipment BU provides SMT processing equipment, semiconductor processing equipment, optical communication products, UV plastic packaging, welding process equipment, and a complete set of customized services, from development, to design, to manufacturing, in response to customer demand.

In the field of automation, Aurotek has complete and precise technologies, applications in automation equipment, and high performance equipment, which are developed for high reliability. And has received the "Taiwan Symbol of Excellence", "National Quality Award", "National Award of Excellence" and a number of other awards.

Introduction to optical communication devices

Optical communication transceiver modules are used in most front-end core process equipment. Optical communication components will affect the accuracy of the communication distance and quality within an accuracy level of up to 0.5um.

Capping machines adjust the light emitting chip's focus to find the best position for a TO-CAN. Laser welding machine can help TO-CAN finds the best position for fiber optical alignment and laser welding for TOSA / ROSA / BOSA. Finally, these products are for the downstream processes of optical communication modules, such as corporate communications switches.


AA-CM-100 Automatic Alignment and VF-welding Active Capping Machine AA-ASL-100 Automatic Alignment and Laser Welding Machine
  • - Stable Capping with VF (Variable Frequency) electric welding and forced contact
  • - Improved productivity and accuracy by Tray-in & out
  • - Guaranteed quality by fast, accurate and patent alignment
  • - Fast and automatic alignment with laser welding for OSA module
  • - Automatic joint-face alignment improves yield rate
  • - Using Nd:YAG Laser for higher stability of assembly
  • - Applicable for TOSA/ROSA/Pigtail/Butterfly optical communication module
  • - Automatic welding-spot positioning with compensation of rotation
Customized FA Equipment

Customized DRAM Module Inspection Equipment (burning, detection, collection)

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