Automation & Robotics BU

Aurotek started from “key components of automation”, and it is the fundamental business of Aurotek…

Each key component plays a critical role during the automatic in-puts, processes and out-puts. By using the connections and combinations of each component to reach the requested speed, accuracy and functions of equipment and product line, which in turn outcomes a added-valued final result is the goal for Aurotek.

From transmission, power transmission, drive, control till turn-key, customers not only request the demand and supply of products themselves, but a complete solution. Automation & Robotics BU imports and provides high-quality key components of brands, also the new concepts of automation. Furthermore, the technicians and engineers in this BU support customers all their needs of product introduction, design, consultation, test and after-sales service. All the BU members plant the seed for automation design in different fields, and the added-valued outcome is the fruit.


Integrate and use of automation components
MCN-8032P/MCN8016P RTEX Internet-based movement control card Axis Module Series

-Real-time communication based on 100Base-TX at 100Mbps speed
-Use shielded CAT-5 cable for low cost system
-Support up to 32 servo motors or I/O modules per master
-Linear and Circular interpolation
-Motor synchronization support

-Dust resistance (CCT6 Series)
-High resolution servo motor attached
-Easy to maintenance
-Compact and economical
-High stiffness aluminum extrusion, anodic coating frame
-Standard C7 ball screw built-in
-Cold galvanized or SUS iron parts

Cubii Desktop Robot

- Full Functions, Strong, Reliable yet Economical
- PC and Teaching Pad Programmable
- Easy Check and Maintenance through Good Mechanical Design
- Optional 4th Axis Adoptable with Interpolations
- In-line Linkable

Make "A Complete Solution from One Source" Come True

“A Complete Solution from One Source” is not a slogan, but an attitude of implementation. Customers usually don’t choose the “best’ but an “optimized” solution, and the cost-performance ration is highly considered for what we called “optimized”. Automation & Robotics BU is with a strong sales team for business triggering, product managers are responsible for technical consultation, FAEs for onsite teaching, and a service team for on-calls. The various product lines in different segments provide different ideas of designs. The chart shown as follows reflects some key components adopted on PCB separator.

Business Contacts

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