GATE-XYZ 30-15 Desktop Robot

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- Made by Aurotek-Designed Linear Axis Modules
- Built-in Latest Panasonic Servo Motors x 3 (X,Y,Z)
- High-end Components: Ball Screw & Linear Guide
- Built-in Aurotek-Designed 4-Axis Motion Controller
- Support 3-Axis linear & 2-Axis Circular interpolation
- Built-in dispensing program
- Compact in Size, with operators shoulder width suitable for Stand-alone operation, or In-Line operation by use of conveyor
- Easy to develop application programs
- Cost-Effective Price
Designed for operators
The size of Gate XYZ Desktop Robot is about the same as operator’s work area, therefore, there is no need to increase space for operators nor change processing procedures, while shifting manual operation to automation process.

Robot Cell Concept
By adopting Robot Cell Concept,factory can use each Gate XYZ desktop robot as one single cell (workstation), and link multiple cells (workstations) by use of conveyor , so as to become one production line for processing. With such a flexibility, Gate XYZ meets versatile and ever-changing needs for processing.
Gate-XYZ 30-15
3-Axis Desktop Robot Built-in Servo Motor & Motion Controller
Max. Stroke (X, Y, Z) X:300 mm, Y:300 mm, Z:150 mm
Max. Speed X, Y, Z: 500 mm/sec
Repeat Accuracy (X, Y, Z) X, Y, Z: ±0.03 mm
Max. Payload Horizontal: 10 kg ; Vertical: 4 kg
Built-in Motors of Axes X, Y: 100W Panasonic AC Servo Motor
Z: 100W PanasonicAC Servo Motor with Brake
Ball Screw C7 Class
Weight for Main Unit 50 kg
Operation Temperature 0 - 40 ℃
Motion Controller Aurotek 4-Axis Motion Controller with built-in dispensing program
Control Axis Numbers 3 Axes
Interpolation Function 3-Axis Linear & 2-Axis Circular Interpolation
Motion Ability Linear, Arc, Circular movement
Man-Machine Interface Teaching Pad
Memory Capacity 500 Points of Position Data
Program Capacity 32 Programs x 150 Steps
Power Source 1-phase AC 200V ±10%
Input / Output Points Output 8 points ; Input 9 points
Communication RS-232C