MC8141P 4-Axis PCI Bus Motion Control Board

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-PCI interface,4 axis independent driver, speed controllable 、Up / down speed driver
-Interpolation : Any 2 axis or 3 axis linear interpolation, any 2 axis circular interpolation , interpolation speed up to 4 MPPS
-Location management, soft-limit, auto return origin, Synchronized actions, External operation signal, servo motor connect, real-time monitor.

Highest Controlling Speed: 4MPPS
The motion control boards control the speed of drive-pulse output from 1PPS to 4MPPS with a stable trapezoidal drive. The velocity accuracy is controlled within ±0.1% when the speed is from 1 to 8 KPPS. Different drive speeds can be set, and altered in a designated drive command.

Simple Drive Commands
Two drive commands, index drive and continuous drive, can be used to perform the drive-pulse output. The speed acceleration / deceleration will happen if the setting drive speed is higher than the initial speed; the speed will be constant if the setting drive speed is lower than the initial speed. The drive-pulse output speed (PPS) is decided by the setting drive speed setting range.

Two 24-bit Position-Managing Counters
Two 24-bit up/down counters are equipped for each axis: the logical position counter for pulse output and the real position counter for pulse feedback. The circuit for pulse feedback, with a high-speed photo coupler, can be connected with an A/B quadrature encoder of line-drive output system.

Functions of Compare Register and Software Over-Travel Limit
For each axis, three compare registers with numeral values are equipped to compare the position counts. During the driving, these registers are a convenience for the in-position measurement or for the machine works handling. Two of these three compare registers are equipped with + or - side software over-travel limit.

Line-Driver and Drive-Pulse Output
Line-driver 26LS31 is adopted for drive-pulse output. Photo coupler or other line-drivers are possible to be connected.

Drive-pulse Output CLK=16MHz
Pulse Output Speed Range 1PPS ~ 4MPPS
Pulse Output Accuracy within ± 0.1% (1 ~ 8KPPS)
Speed Range 1 ~ 500
Initial Speed 1~8191
Drive Speed 1~8191
Accelerating / Decelerating Rate 1~65535, 2×109 PPS/S(range=500) ~ 61PPS/S(range=1)
Output-pulse Number of Index Drive 1 ~ 167772215
Drive Output Signal Line-drive 26LS31 Independent 2-pulse system or 1-pulse 1 direction system selectable
Over-travel Limit Input Signal
  • 2 points, for each + and - side
  • Photo coupler for signal input
  • Logical levels setable
  • Sudden stop / decelerating stop selectable
Decelerating / Sudden Stop Input Signal
  • 3 points for each axis
  • Photo coupler for signal input
  • Able / unable and logical levels selectable
  • Digital input acceptable
Encoder Input Signal
  • High-speed photo coupler for signal input Line-drive connectable
  • A / B quadrature pulse style or Up / Down pulse style selectable
  • Pulse of 1, 2 or 4 divisions selectable (A / B quadrature pulse style
Servo-motor Input Signal
  • Photo coupler for signal input
  • In-position signal and alarm signal selectable
  • Able / unable and logical levels selectable
Digital Output Signal
  • 2 points for each axis
  • Open-collector Tr output (74LS06)
Emergency Stop Input Signal
  • Photo coupler for signal input (for all axes)
  • Logical levels for jumper of the board selectable
Position Managing
  • Logical position counter range : -8388608 ~ +8388607
  • Real position counter range : -8388608 ~ +8388607
  • COMP register range : -8388608 ~ +8388607
  • COMP+ register range : -8388608 ~ +8388607
  • COMP- register range : -8388608 ~ +8388607
Internal Voltage +5V ± 5% (max. power consumption: 65mA)
External Power Supply DC12V ~ 24V
I/O Connector Style FX2B-100P-1.27DS
Ambient Temperature 0 ~ 45℃ (30 ~110 ℉ )
Board Size 161×121.9mm
Attached Cable FX2B-100S-1.27R (1.2m)
Option: Wiring Board PCN5050D (each MC8040A needs two PCN5050Ds)