LD Tray Transfer System

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This system mainly for TO56 product to convert tray between one and the other. LD automatic tray transfer system can be set from 0° A tray draw and rotate to 12° then insert B tray. Also support to be set from 12° B tray draw and rotate to 0° than insert A tray. After product finished conversion, the buzzer will alert the operator to replace new tray. Operator can adjust any coordinate for the first product to pick and place. In the same time, operator can also enter the number of products that need to be converted.
If you have any requirement, please contact [ Aurotek Taoyuan Plant ]

Fast automatic converter
Users only need to place the tray on the device, enter the demand quantity and coordinate of product then start to convert product.

Support multi-angle tray specifications
Can be easily adjusted angle by manually, the maximum variable angle is 12°.

PC based Control & Programmable Function
User friendly interface, integrated modules and mechanical construction control, also provides editing macro program function to modify program.

Angle 0°→12°、12°→0° Tray Conversion,320Pcs/Tray
Cycle Time 3 sec/pcs, not include loading and unloading time
Product Limit TO56 pin must be ≧ 90°
Production specifications Up time(running/total) ≧ 98%, Yield rate ≧ 99.8%
Power Supply AC single-phase 220V-6A above
Air Pressure Air pressure components more than 0.5 MPa