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Gate-XYZ 30-15
3-Axis Desktop Robot Built-in Servo Motor & Motion Controller
Max. Stroke (X, Y, Z) X:300 mm, Y:300 mm, Z:150 mm
Max. Speed X, Y, Z: 500 mm/sec
Repeat Accuracy (X, Y, Z) X, Y, Z: ±0.03 mm
Max. Payload Horizontal: 10 kg ; Vertical: 4 kg
Built-in Motors of Axes X, Y: 100W Panasonic AC Servo Motor
Z: 100W PanasonicAC Servo Motor with Brake
Ball Screw C7 Class
Weight for Main Unit 50 kg
Operation Temperature 0 - 40 ℃
Motion Controller Aurotek 4-Axis Motion Controller with built-in dispensing program
Control Axis Numbers 3 Axes
Interpolation Function 3-Axis Linear & 2-Axis Circular Interpolation
Motion Ability Linear, Arc, Circular movement
Man-Machine Interface Teaching Pad
Memory Capacity 500 Points of Position Data
Program Capacity 32 Programs x 150 Steps
Power Source 1-phase AC 200V ±10%
Input / Output Points Output 8 points ; Input 9 points
Communication RS-232C