Aurotek CSR

We are in the business of helping to move society forward by developing world-class, innovative products and services. Our passion for delivering quality results comes from our core values. We strongly believe in these values and we promise to uphold them to our stakeholders.

  1. 1.To customers
    We understand the requirement to quickly anticipate the needs of our customers who demand high quality products and services in a timely and affordable manner.
  2. 2.To vendors
    We continually seek opportunities with our vendors for win-win situations by providing a platform for fair cooperation that leverages each others’ strengths to create increased value and profitability for both sides.
  3. 3.To employees
    We have developed a world-class, energized team of employees who are our most valuable assets. We seek to provide them with a safe and comfortable working environment where they have the opportunity to challenge themselves to further develop their careers and achieve their professional goals.
  4. 4.To shareholders
    We are dedicated to continually improve our core competencies and increase the value of our company. By constantly looking for new ways to increase the value-add of our company’s products and services, we are able to increase our global performance, and bring greater returns to our shareholders.
  5. 5.To society: Aurotek believes in being a good citizen and giving back to its community. Our company supports environmental conservation efforts and has developed numerous environmentally friendly products. Public welfare is also important to us and we have supported efforts to help disadvantaged groups. We are dedicated to improving the social well-being of our community.