Axis Module CCF17

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- Axis Module is designed of variety stroke for your selection.
- Various models provided many combinations in different industry applications.
- Axis Module is fully integrated with Aurotek controller.
- Our technicians have invested years of effort on control system, software and hardware integration.
- Customers can easy use directly on production line in short time to reduce the development lead time.
- We are willing to share these experiences to create their customers the best quality and efficiency.

  • Built-in Servomotor
  • Module design and easy for integration
  • Low cost and easy maintenance
  • Use high precise C7 class ball screw
  • Light weight aluminum frame
  • High stiffness structure design
Repeatability Accuracy ±0.03mm
Ball screw Lead 20mm       10mm       5mm
Rated Speed 1000mm/sec 500mm/sec  250mm/sec
Theory Thrust Force 336N       672N       1334N
Maximum Stroke Length 1500mm     1500mm     1500mm
Maximum Speed mm/sec
Lead 20mm 10mm 5mm
850 Stroke 820 410 205
950 Stroke 683 341 170
1050 Stroke 578 289 144
1150 Stroke 496 248 124
1250 Stroke 430 215 107
1350 Stroke 402 201 100
1450 Stroke 377 188  94
Motor/ Driver Panasonic AC Servo Motor 400W
200V:MHMD042 P1S(Motor) MBDDT2210 (Driver)
Transmit Coupling
Drive C7 Ball Screw
Ø20 lead 20,10,5mm
Guide Linear Guide 2 pcs
OT Sensor   PM-L24
Home Sensor PM-L24