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Setting Fixture 1 stations
Working Area X:500mm, Y:450mm, Z:60mm
Cutting Area Max:X:500mm, Y:450mm 
PCB Component Height Top side:15mm Bottom side:35mm(with universal jig)、45mm(with specific jig)
PCB Thickness 0.5 to 2.0 mm(It’s necessary to contact Aurotek in advance for over 2mm)
Router Bit Diameter 0.8 ~ 2.0 mm(Option:Over 2.0mm)
Precision of Cutting ± 0.1mm
Positioning Accuracy ± 0.01mm
Positioning Repeatability ± 0.01mm
Number of Axis in use 3 Axes (X, Y, Z).
Driving Speed (Max) X, Y: 1000mm/sec, Z: 750mm/sec
Cutting Speed (Max) X, Y, Z: 100mm/sec (It's according to the specification of Bit for the best speed setting )
Spindle Motor High speed variable frequency motor 250W (Max.58,000rpm)
Bit Change Manual
Cutting Ability Linear, Circular, U-curve, Arc, L-curve
Motor of Axis 3 Axes (200W AC Servo motors)
Bit Shift Count Max. 2
Route Planning Direct coordinate input or manual guiding with CCD camera
Safety Area Sensor n/a
Bit Break Detection Option
Program Storage HDD
Program Backup USB
Operating System Windows 7
Man-Machine Interface Industrial Monitor + Keyboard + Mouse
Conveyor Adjustment n/a
Conveyor load capacity n/a
PCB Loading/Unloading Manual
Power Supply 3 Phase AC220V±5% 50 Hz/60Hz, 2.5 kw
Air 0.5Mpa
Dimensions (W)971mm x (D)1201mm x (H)1434mm + 578mm signal tower
Weight approx. 450 Kg
Base Height 900mm  
Vacuum Cleaner YSF-V553 3HP 2.2 kw